Effective & affordable financing

Technologyas a Service

Zero capital down for the equipment.

Pay-as-you-use – only pay for what you process.

To truly embrace our commitment to enable more circular economy, we offer our entire portfolio as Technology-as-a-Service (TaaS).


What does it mean for our clients?

We move away from a business model whereby we sell the machine and consider our job done. Instead, we want to build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients.

We retain responsibility for our machines throughout its entire life cycle. The customer has full use of the machines for as long as they need and pay only for number of devices processed, instead of for the machine itself or its maintenance and upkeep. 

Zero Capital Down

As there is no need to buy the machine, our technology is available without high purchasing costs. 

The only initial costs are shipping, installation and training fees. 

Fixed Operational Cost

You only pay for what you process.

We provide life time support, maintenance and monitoring including consumables on the entire system at a fixed cost per screen.

Our Fixed Processing Fee covers:


Our machines are already compatible with WEEELABEX, R2, E-Stewards and we are working with policy makers on future standards.

Fast Setup

Our machines are compact and can be installed quickly. 

If processing flat panel displays is a new operation for your business we can assist with getting permits and licenses required.

Access to Updates

All of our machines are part of a global technology eco-system – to provide continuous access to new features, software updates and learnings from the global AI data.


With pay-as-you-use model you have a great flexibility – scale up or down, as your requirements change.

Our machines are modular and easy to add to existing setup to extend your processing capabilities. 

With our capacity to deliver and install machines globally, you can replicate your screen recycling facilities wherever they are required.

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