Automated flat panel display recycling

FPD PRO®Innovative FPD recycling technology

Protect your employees from hazardous materials
Maximize your returns on commodities

FPD PRO® is the most advanced robotic FPD depollution machine in the market – first solution to make screen recycling both safe and profitable. 

Thanks to our pay-as-you-use model our FPD recycling technology is available without high purchasing cost. We provide life time support, maintenance and monitoring including consumables on the entire system at a fixed cost per screen, enabling you to have a fixed asset in your accounts and a fixed operational cost for the entire operating life of the equipment.


FPD PRO high throughput
FPD PRO advanced asfety
FPD PRO high quality frations pcb
FPD PRO data insights
FPD PRO compliance
FPD PRO affordable fast implementation
FPD PRO low operational cost

Frequently Asked Questions

Flat Screen Displays (FPDs) contain many valuable in demand materials from the common metals (aluminium, iron, steel or copper), glass, plastic to some rare and precious materials like gold or indium tin oxide. All of them can be safely and efficiently recovered to be reused after the hazardous parts (containing i.e. lead or mercury) are removed.

FPD PRO® provides same or better quality of reclaimed materials, as manual disassembly in the fraction of time and without exposing workers and environment to the toxic substances.

Yes. If you already have a shredding and separation line in place, you can use it to process the non-hazardous shell and other components of the display after it has been pre-treated by FPD PRO®.
Manual disassembly is a process known to provide high quality of recovered materials, but it is quite slow (15 minutes per screen) and can expose workers to very dangerous substances (like mercury or lead). FPD PRO® gives same or even better quality of recovered materials and it can process 100 screens per hour AND keeps the hazardous substances contained, eliminating the risk of poisoning people and environment.

Flat panel displays, new or old – all contain hazards. The older screens contain mercury bearing lamps, more recent LED screens contain Arsenic, Cadmium, Beryllium & Lead. 

The FPD PRO® removes these hazards. With e-waste being the largest waste stream and ever growing, FPD PRO® will stay current.

FPD PRO® adheres and exceeds the strictest regulations across the globe.

We have worked with all the leading standards for recycling e-waste, including E-Stewards, R2 and WEEELABEX to ensure compliance.

FPD PRO® ensures the recycler meets the standards for the automated processing of 11″ to 70″ flat panel displays safely removing the hazards in the displays whilst providing the maximum return for the raw materials such as printed circuit boards, ferrous and non-ferrous metals and plastics.

Is screen recycling still a headache for you?

Moving away from manual disassembly and shredding was never easier!

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you to turn hazardous e-waste into valuable materials.
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