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Adapting Your Business for Growth

The list of corporate juggernauts that no longer exist or are a shell of their former selves can fill a business textbook. At one point BlackBerry had 20% of the global mobile phone market and today it has very little. Kodak practically invented the camera and photography up until the early 2000’s when digital took over. Did you know Kodak invented the digital camera in 1975 and didn’t focus on the technology as they made the greatest profit on film and processing? AOL was the gateway to the “old internet”.  Blockbuster failed to see the future of video consumption as Netflix evolved from renting DVDs to streaming. 

Businesses that thrive see what is coming and adjust their organization to compete in new climates. 

In the E-Waste/ITAD space, there has been much change over the last decade. Ten years ago, there were several good companies focused on ITAD. These ITAD companies sent scrap to downstream processors. Arrow acquired a number of these companies with a focus on consolidation as the E-Waste environment was transforming. This transformation presented Arrow with a daunting challenge, bring a single business culture to all acquisitions.  Simultaneously, hybrid e-waste/ITAD companies were opening and taking market share from traditional ITADs, in part because they offered clients payment for scrap. Arrow ultimately exited the ITAD business in 2019. 

Don’t get me started on the CRT dilemma. Everyone searched high and low for the cheapest disposal solution and you see where that got us.

Plasma gave way to LCD which gave way to LED/OLED. The price for new TVs and monitors has dropped so significantly we will begin to see an increase in the waste stream. Will we stockpile flat panels like we did CRTs? What new technology can better mitigate the risk of exposure to electronic recycler employees and streamline the flat panel recycling process? 

AMP Robotics is on the cutting edge of using AI to identify, sort and pick e-waste material. FPD Recycling has partnered with AMP Robotics to offer the FPD Pro, an automated Flat Panel Display Recycling technology. Using robotics, the screens and bulbs are removed prior to shredding or dismantling; the FPD Pro eliminates the risk of employee exposure to hazardous materials. This unique solution can offer electronics recyclers the opportunity to decrease cost and increase profits all while being environmentally compliant.

See what FPD can do for your organization. Contact us and we’ll be happy to answer any questions. 

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