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We deliver fully automated recycling solutions to the e-waste recycling sector that are affordable, safe, environmentally friendly and profitable.

6.5 million metric tonnes

of screens and monitors are added to the ever growing e-waste stream each year.

Traditional recycling activities (like shredding and manual disassembly) are not keeping pace with the global growth of e-waste, causing environmental, social and economic issues.

Our vision is that every used flat screen in the world becomes a valuable commodity rather than hazardous waste.

The e-scrap recycling industry is in urgent need of an efficient, low cost and safe FPD recycling process.

With this in mind we have developed fully automated, high through-put, FPD robotic recycling systems that are transforming recycling of flat screens and laptops into a profitable business line.

FPD Recycling is transforming the way end of life screens and laptops are processed by providing a solution that depollutes them in a safe, compliant and profitable manner.

We promote the circular economy by creating ​safe, sustainable and flexible automation solutions ​for all forms of difficult and hazardous e-waste.​

Our Story

FPD Recycling was established from the need to provide recyclers with a safe, efficient and profitable solution to deal with growing problem of hard to recycle e-waste. 

Today, we are happy to see that thanks to our technologies, perception of e-waste is changing from environmental risk and disposal problem to a valuable resource of secondary raw materials. 

Our first goal was to develop an automated process for recycling TVs, monitors and laptops – and since it needed to be safe, efficient and profitable, we brought robotics and Artificial Intelligence in to do the hard and dirty work.


Start-up team

 Recycling industry veterans Austin Ryan and Craig Thompson, engineering, AI, automation and software development experts – Paudy O’Brien and Gary Moloney and finance specialist Declan Lynch joined the forces to bring AI and robotics innovation to the recycling industry.



€1m Investment secured


First machine designed

Automated recycling solutions

Global partner secured

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Patents pending

Applied to European Patent Office (EPO) for patents around FPD recycling process and our Artificial Intelligence solutions.

First machine built

FPD Recycling story

CE Certification awarded

First machine shipped


2.0 design

Design upgrades included separating the machine into two – one for TVs & monitors and second for laptop processing. It resulted in making the machines more compact and improving processing times.


First remote installation

Machine was installed for a client in Australia with remote support provided due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Sales team expanded

We extended our presence to US & Canada and Nordic region.

R&D team expanded

Research funding awarded

Government funding for further research into downstream materials

€8.2m in contracts secured

from clients in Europe and USA

areera development project

To showcase our FPD recycling capabilities on the UK market, we established a business entity – managed all aspects from planning to securing permits. Project received investment and was eventually fully brought out by Buy It Direct. areera develompent project

6 machines in build

Six new improved design machines to be be operational in 2021.

Research project initiated

New research project on brominated flame retardants (BFRs) plastics separation was initiated in collaboration with University of Limerick.


Engineering team expanded


Became members of

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Funding agreement

We received funding form the first pillar bank to deploy our cleantech solutions globally.  

Laptop PRO launch

Meet the Team


Paudy O'Brien

15 years in the energy sector from engineering to senior executive with a proven track, Paudy founded and co-founded a number of companies from IT and engineering to HR. Paudy’s experience and his ability to effectively communicate and enormous interests in interpersonal relationships enables him to comprehensively cover finance, company structuring, manufacture, scaling and leadership as his key skills. His drive for innovation and effective business is enormous.


Declan Lynch

A chartered accountant with over 20 years experience dealing with multinational corporations. An extremely versatile financial leader Declan drives financial and operational performance by leveraging his vast skill-set and knowledge. Extensive experience in scaling infrastructure , process improvement and business planning. Declan has a solid track record of enhancing shareholder value by developing strategies and structuring financial solutions in complex dynamic multi-national environments. Areas of expertise: Corporate Structuring, Risk Management, International Tax planning, Governance Funding and Investor Relations.

Gary Moloney

As co-founder of multiple startups and 15 years experience in software engineering Gary has developed mission critical web applications for IBM, Pfizer, Nestle, Stryker and Kerry Group. Working as quantitative developer with Keelvar Systems and the University of Limerick Gary has experience building complex scalable software for real-time monitoring and data aggregation. Established relationships with Microsoft, IBM, Nestle, Stryker and University of Limerick.

MSc. Quantitative Finance, MSc. Software Engineering, BSc. Applied Maths.


Austin Ryan

Austin is an energetic and success driven Senior Executive with extensive experience of developing and implementing core business strategies and driving revenue streams across multiple channels.

As the Co. Founder of AMCS, a provider of smart resource software within the waste, recycling & resource industry. He has developed this business over the past 12 years successfully growing the company brand and increasing market share year on year. Austin also has extensive experience in fundraising, company acquisitions and company integrations, skilled leader and natural influencer.


Arthur Middleton

Arthur is a Chartered Engineer with a Masters’ degree in Engineering Design. He has more than 30 years’ experience in factory automation, machine design and product engineering in high, medium and low volume manufacturing industries. His automation consultancy Arthur Middleton Limited has been successfully operating since 2004. Arthur’s experience is global and across industries such as manufacturing consumer products, aerospace and medical devices, computer hardware and recycling technology. He is a creative and pragmatic problem solver.
Director for Global Business Development

Craig Thompson

A career veteran of the e-scrap industry, pioneering the UK’s first franchised collection network for WEEE recycling well before the European WEEE regulations started in 2006. Successfully selling his own WEEE recycling company in 2010. He has successfully managed the financial turnaround and management of a number of recycling companies. Worked with a number of recyclers globally on downstream processing of their e-scrap / WEEE plastics. Craig holds a MSc in Global Management.

Business Development - USA & Canada

Patrick O’Hara

Patrick brings passion for the global environment and over 15 years of IT Asset Disposition and Electronics Recycling experience to the team. His extensive experience successfully leading organizations through transformational change while maintaining focus on increasing efficiency and growing the bottom-line are an asset to our team. He is a visionary thinker, viewing sales and marketing holistically to leverage human capital creating a competitive advantage. His influential and motivational leadership style, builds top-performing teams within the IT Asset Disposition Services, Secure onsite Data Destruction, e-Waste scrap, and OEM take back program industries. Prior to joining the e-waste industry, Patrick’s experience included 15 years in various equipment industries where provided leadership, strategic account oversight and technical specialist roles. He also started his own “Green” consulting firm to assist organizations in managing their end of life IT equipment and make future forward energy efficient office technology decisions.

Partnering with Industry Leaders

We believe innovation and collaboration are the key to solving ever growing e-waste problem. In the constant journey to make our services best on the market we are partnering with industry and academia leaders.

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