AI based recycling robots

Turning hazardous e-wasteinto valuable materials

We drive the circular economy by creating safe, sustainable and flexible automation solutions for all forms of difficult and hazardous e-waste.

Recycling screens can be profitable!
Our technology provides high quality, sought-after materials at unprecedented processing speed. 

FPD PRO® is .




First fully automated, high throughput, robotic recycling system for processing flat screens.


Fully automated, high throughput, dedicated robotic recycling system for processing laptops.

depoluted laptop e waste


First fully automated, high throughput, robotic recycling system for processing flat screens.

Circular PRO®

  • Fully automated robotic system for processing flat panels
  • Identification of polymers and BFR elements without shredding
  • Carbon Credit Certification
  • Component harvesting for reuse & recycling
  • Data Valorisation

Identification of polymers and BFR elements with no shredding

Mid-infrared Spectroscopy (MIR) | X-ray Fluorescence (XRF)

Carbon Credit Certification

Gold Standard Certification | EU ETS | Distributed Ledger Technology (Blockchain)

polymer ident
carbon credit

Component harvesting for reuse & recycling

Computer Vision | Artificial Intelligence Models | Machine Learning | Robotics

Data Valorisation

Computer Vision | Artificial Intelligence | Machine Learning

component havesting
data valorisation

Recycling screens was always difficult and hazardous.
Not anymore.

FPD PRO® and Circular PRO are the most advanced robotic screen depollution machines in the market, allowing you to process complex e-waste at fast rate, keeping the hazards contained – protecting your staff and environment.

FPD Recycling® provides life time support, maintenance and monitoring including consumables on the entire system at a fixed cost per screen.


All hazardous components (that might include chromium, cadmium, lead and mercury) are contained and removed safely. Enables the recycler to be compliant with legislation on treatment, health and safety.


Provides high quality, clean, sought-after fractions.


Flexible pay-as-you-use model.
Zero capital down.


Processes CCFL and LED screens from 11″ to 70″.

Optional Laptop processing add-on available.


Up to 90 units per hour.

Easy to Operate

One person to operate.
Low electrical consumption.
Fixed yearly costs.
No maintenance risk.


Recognises and records each processed screen to provide insights.

Why should we recycle screens properly?

Recover valuable materials

E-waste contains many valuable materials from aluminium, steel and copper to glass and plastics as well as Critical Raw Materials (CRMs) including Indium. They can all be recovered and reused.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Using secondary raw materials rather than primary (mined) raw materials has a significantly lower carbon footprint.

Save Resources

We need to ensure the best use of the planet’s resources and minimise environmental impacts.

Protect people and the environment

E-waste components contain heavy metals or plastics with brominated flame retardants that can be toxic to both humans and the environment.

Deal with e-waste stream

Taking urgent action to address the fastest growing waste stream (e-waste) and continuing R&D to keep up with changing and problematic waste streams.

Enable Circular Economy

To reduce pressure on the environment and improve the security of the supply of raw materials, but also to increase competitiveness or stimulate innovation.

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